Genome Protection, Inc.
We are a longevity biotech company. Safeguarding DNA in pursuit of extending healthy lifespan is our mission.
About us
We are a longevity biotech company
Our founders and scientists have dedicated their lives to studying the genome and its role in aging and cancer. We believe that aging is a disease and thus can be treated. Our goal is to develop such treatments to significantly prolong healthy lifespan and protect against the many diseases of aging.
Genome protection is our primary area of expertise
The human genome entombs ancient viruses called retroelements that, when awakened, propagate and wreak havoc on our cells. We aim to develop drugs that protect against cancer and age-related diseases by neutralizing the various retroelements that we collectively call the 'retrobiome'.
We have come a long way in our quest
Some of our therapies are already in the clinic, i.e. being tested in humans, while others are still in preclinical stages but rapidly maturing. Our partnerships with top academic institutions provide access to leading scientific and medical experts and create a powerful foundation for rapid hypothesis testing and expedited clinical translation.
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In the many years we have spent developing ways to combat aging and prevent cancer, we have gained several important insights.
In particular, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the role of genetic and epigenetic instability in both cancer and aging, as well as about the importance of the immune system in clearing cells with a damaged genome.

A sizeable part of human genome is comprised of non-coding DNA that harbors ancient viruses. One such virus, LINE-1, remains active to this day. Activation of LINE-1 in cells triggers antiviral defense mechanisms that produce chronic inflammation, a hallmark of aging. Since LINE-1 activity irreversibly damages DNA, cells have developed several strategies to suppress it. However, innate suppression mechanisms weaken with age, so one of our goals is to create therapies to help our body keep retroelements in check.

By developing drugs against retroelements, we aim to effectively silence their activity, preventing the DNA damage and inflammation associated with cancer and age-related diseases.
Learn more about our science from our CSO himself:
Our Founder and CSO, Dr. Andrei Gudkov, at Undoing Aging 2019
"Can we stop aging?" — a TEDx Talk by Dr. Gudkov
We have a diverse therapeutic pipeline in various stages of development: from the clinical stage to in vitro. Our primary target indications are conventional age-related pathologies, as this is meant to provide us with a clear path to FDA approval with simultaneous evaluation of efficacy of our therapies for other aging manifestations.
We are developing therapies in the following areas:
Retrobiome management
Pharmacological inhibition of intrinsic DNA damage caused by retroelements with the goal of decreasing cancer adaptability, combating aging and prolonging healthy longevity.
Modulation of specific branches of innate immunity for eradication of genome-compromised cells with the goal of extending healthy longevity.
Retrobiome vaccination
Induction of an immune response directed against cells with active retroelements with the goal of prolonging healthy longevity and reducing risks of age-related diseases.
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